Pleasington Golf Club is a progressive and inclusive Club, rich in history.

Reccently the Club has modernised to ensure its long-term viability and Membership is currently available in nearly all categories.

Members of Pleasington Golf Club can expect the highest levels of service throughout the Club, and a golf course which is rated the “Best Inland Golf Course in Lancashire”

There are two routes to obtaining Membership of the Club:

Route 1

If you know an existing member and they will act as your proposer then the proposer will request an application form and ensure it is completed fully and returned.

Route 2

If you don’t have a proposer then the Chairman of the Membership Committee can act as proposer once he has met the applicant. The application form would then be completed and returned.

In both instances, a short interview will then be arranged with the Membership Committee, and subject to all parties being happy and a place being available, a provisional offer of Membership will be made. The Members Application Form will then be shared with the Membership for 3 weeks, and ratified thereafter as long as no challenges are made.

Pleasington Golf Club offers the following categories of Membership:

7 Day Members

7 Day Members can play every day subject to availability.

6 Day Members

6 Day Members can play every day; play on Saturday is permitted 30 minutes after the last competition tee time. Saturday is the main competition day for Gents.

5 Day Members

5 Day Members can play every day except Tuesday and Saturday – Tuesday being the main competition day for Ladies.

Junior (up to 18) and Intermediate (18 - 29)

Junior and Intermediate Members along with 7 day members can play the course every day subject to availability.

Country/Overseas Members

Country Members must not live within a 40 mile radius of the Club. Overseas Members must not live in the UK. In both instances you must be a member at another Club. They can play the course and use the Clubhouse any day of the week subject to availability. They may not play in Competitions unless authorised by the Management Board.

Student Members

Student Membership is only available to existing members who enter full time further or higher education. They can play the course and use the Clubhouse any day of the week. Play in competitions is restricted to non-board competitions.

Social Members

Social Membership is available to those who have previously been a playing Member of the Club and are entitled to use the Clubhouse and the Driving Range facility.

House Membership

House Membership gives access to the Clubhouse facilities including the Dining Room and Bar.